Friday Freebie: Create Beautiful Books with Mixbook!

Today's Friday freebie is an incredible site that allows you to build free online books such as yearbooks, picture books, photo memory books, and story books using your own photos. Mixbook is one heck of a site and has a stunning array of templates to start from. It gives you great flexibility in creating your pages. Changing the layout, adding pages, adding text, and adding stickers are easy as can be and the effects look great! The possibilities are endless and the end result is simply beautiful. The finished products can be viewed online or printed out for a very reasonable price.

I know there are other sites that offer to do the same thing and that you can build books in programs like iPhoto and on dozens of online photo services available. But Mixbook is hands-down the best looking one out there. And, the interface is simple and intuitive and I am amazed at how fast the site runs given how robust it is.  The educational possibilities of this great tool are endless. Teachers and students could create storybooks for history projects or bring works of literature to life! 

Right now the only drawback I see for educators is there's no way for a teacher to set up a class account and allow students to create sub-accounts. In fact, from what I can tell you have to have an email address to create an account. But, I don't see why students couldn't simply use the teacher's account. There is a link for "Mixbook for Educators" but as far as I can tell the only thing that provided was a discount on printed products. But, that's a small drawback for such a great tool

Two of my student interns have put together some great tutorials on how to use Mixbook. You can view their videos below (or if the video links don't show below, click HERE). Hope you enjoy Mixbook.


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