A Little Milestone for The CyberCafe Blog!

Okay, there are plenty of technology blogs out there with many, many more visitors than The CyberCafe Blog. Fantastic blogs like Miguel Guhlin's "Around the Corner" and "Richard Byrne's Free Technology" for Teachers are simply amazing with thousands of visitors a day. But I reached a tiny milestone last week.

The CyberCafe Blog got its 10,000th visitor last week! I'm awfully pleased that there are people out there willing to take a minute to glance at my humble attempt to share some knowledge about technology. And, this number does not include those of you that get my blog updates via email. These are just people that click through to the site.

I've always been a "teacher" at heart. I absolutely loved my time in the classroom when I was teaching math. And, during my 12 year stint as a campus administrator, I always viewed my role as a "teacher of life lessons" to the kids I worked with. Now, as a Technology Director, I love working with teachers. Anytime I can help a teacher design a lesson that will engage, inspire, and motivate students, I get a thrill. Being able to do so through a blog only widens my opportunities to reach more teachers.

So, thanks for the visits. Keep 'em coming!


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