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QR in the subways!

As I posted earlier, I am in New York City this week. I've been here before but it's been years. I was curious to see how technology has changed the landscape of the Big Apple. I haven't been disappointed. There was one particular sighting yesterday that really delighted me. While waiting for our subway train (yes, we are riding the subway system like pros), we were entertained by a fantastic harpist playing for tips. This I've seen before. What was different this time around was the poster she had displayed. She had a large QR code displayed that linked people with a "Free MP3 Download" of one of her songs. Technological marketing in the subway! Unfortunately, before I had a chance to snap a picture or scan the code, our train arrived and we were off to our next destination. I'll look for her again today! And, I'll keep eye out for more technology in the Big Apple!

Blogging at 10,000 feet

This week, I am thrilled to be heading to New York City. It'll be my second trip to to the Big Apple and I'm as excited this time around as I was three years ago. While the traveler in me looks forward to the culture, the food, and the ambience, the tech geek in me is excited to see what new technologies I'll discover during my stay. What new gizmos, bells, and whistles has NYC put into place in the last three years to make my visit more exciting? Well, already I've experienced something that (to my knowledge) wasn't around three years ago - free Wi-Fi on the plane. In fact, I'm creating this post on my iPad at 10,000 feet in the air! While we've all grown accustomed to the convenience of these new tools, I really feel we still need to step back and marvel at it all. I'm creating internet content on a device no bigger than a magazine while flying in a plane! This is too cool! So, I'll keep you "posted" on new technology sightings in the…

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!

Okay, maybe I'm the last technology director to finally attend a robotics competition, but this past weekend, I had the chance to see one in action. I attended the regional robotics competition for the Texas Computer Educators Association (TCEA). And, it was one heck of a treat!

Teams of students work with a robot kit preparing for one of two events - arena competition or invention. In arena, their robots must perform a series of tasks within a two minute period on a predetermined course. In "invention, students use the robots to tackle a real-world problem. Their robot can actually solve the problem or can act as a prototype for a robot that will be built on a larger scale.

I was only able to stay for the first part of the day so I only saw students in the "intermediate" category - those in grades 4 through 8. I was very impressed! The spirit of competition on the arena stages was intense. In the invention room, students displayed great problem solving and incredi…