QR in the subways!

As I posted earlier, I am in New York City this week. I've been here before but it's been years. I was curious to see how technology has changed the landscape of the Big Apple. I haven't been disappointed. There was one particular sighting yesterday that really delighted me.

While waiting for our subway train (yes, we are riding the subway system like pros), we were entertained by a fantastic harpist playing for tips. This I've seen before. What was different this time around was the poster she had displayed. She had a large QR code displayed that linked people with a "Free MP3 Download" of one of her songs. Technological marketing in the subway!

Unfortunately, before I had a chance to snap a picture or scan the code, our train arrived and we were off to our next destination. I'll look for her again today! And, I'll keep eye out for more technology in the Big Apple!


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