ABC The Key - A Great FREE Online Reading Program!

With budget cutbacks being what they are, free is always good. Educators are always looking for programs we can implement at our schools that don't cost much. I found just a such a program. It's ABC The Key. It's a web-based phonetic reading program for early primary grades with a multifaceted approach. Each lesson has video, handouts, games, and more. And like I said, it's all free.

We actually previewed the system earlier this year and, at the time, the system was a paid subscription service. It wasn't really that much, but budget being what it is, we decided to hold off. Well, I just received an e-mail from the company saying that it's completely free now. You still have to register as a user but there's no cost associated with the service.

Once you've created an account, you can select from two different reading levels, each introducing students to different letters of the alphabet or different sound blends. There are repeated characters throughout the lessons - there's Ms. Jones the host, Skiddles the dog, Minutes the Clock, and more.

What I really like about it is the way it's packaged. Once you open a lesson, everything you need is right there - instructions for the teacher, handouts for the students, blackline masters, videos - everything is included in a nice tight little package. There's  no need to scramble all over the place looking for resources. The lessons would work well as an introductory lesson or would work great as a response to intervention.

ABC The Key is a fantastic tool that I hope everyone takes advantage of. So head on over to ABC The Key and give it to spin. You'll be glad you did!


Randy orton said…
I would be flattened if all websites gave articles like that.

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