A Shout Out to Mrs. Williams' 6th Period Psychology Class - My Google Chromebook Guinea Pigs!

As I've mentioned before in this blog, we are seriously considering making the move to the new Google Chromebooks for our one-to-one program at our high school. Yesterday, I took one baby step in the process. I handed out 16 Chromebooks to a pre-selected class for them to "test drive" for the rest of this school year. I've affectionately labeled them my "Chromebook Guinea Pigs."

The class I selected is an upper level Psychology class. I picked them for several reasons. One, it's a small class (easy to manage). Second, they're very bright kids with great personality and a willingness to try new things. Third, Mrs. Williams is a fantastic teacher with tons of energy and creativity. And finally, they've used Google Docs for collaborative projects before.

Needless to say, they loved the new tool. Once logged in, they began making the machine their own by adding apps from the Chrome Web Store and modifying their themes. We explored GoogleDocs again and touched briefly on GoogleCalendar. Today, we'll look at GoogleGroups and then I'm sending them on a Google Chromebook "Scavenger Hunt" to get them to know the machines even better.

I know it's only been one day, but it was a terrific start. I know I'll be sharing more with you as these fantastic students put their new Chromebooks to use. With them, the sky's the limit!


hayhay said…
AWESOME job picking us Dr. Rios. We love to be your guinea pigs
Any chance you would share your scavenger hunt? (angela.sutherland@bps101.net)
Rachel said…
Would you be willing to share your scavenger hunt? We received Chromebooks for our one to one! :) THanks

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