Friday Freebie (3 Days Late): Create a QR Game for FREE

I've posted about QR codes a few times before. If you're not familiar with them, they're square boxes of what appears to be gibberish, which actually contain lots of hidden information.  Using a QR reader app on a smart phone or laptop, you can scan the codes to discover the treasures hidden beneath. People use QR codes to display links to websites, contact information, and more.

Well, now the good folks at ClassTools have made it easy to create a QR Game for your students. At the site, you simply type in questions and answers (and a password for editing later if needed). You click a button and like magic you get a link to a site with all you need to start your game. (Bookmark the site in case you need to go back to it.)

Print out each page of QR codes and post them around your room, or around the whole school! ClassTools is kind enough to give you some helpful hints on a successful hunt and some links to good QR readers.

It's too easy and too cool to pass up!


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