Friday Freebie: Build Your Wild Self!

Special thanks to Cole Middle School Special Ed Teacher Ms. Sheila Bannon for turning me on to this week's Friday Freebie Site!

I learned about this week's Friday Freebie site on Monday and have been playing with it ever since! It's  a simple site called BuildYourWildSelf. The concept is simple: build an avatar of yourself choosing from body, hair, eyes, mouth, and clothes. But, that's just the start of the fun.

You then get to pick your "wild additions" from Head Gear, Ears, Face, Arms, Bottoms, Backsides, and Tails. And these are indeed "wild." Head gear includes horns and antennae. Ears are from a variety of real and make believe animals. You can turn your face different colors and add crazy arms. Want frog legs? They're there. Need wings? Fly away! Then add a background and your wild self is ready!

You can email your wild self to someone (which would work great for your students who can email it to you). You can save it as a wallpaper. And, you can print it. When you print, BuildYourWildSelf includes a description of all your wild parts and what they can be used for.

It's a ton of fun, but I also see great educational opportunities here. For example:

  • Use it in Math to calculate combinations of creatures
  • Use it in ELAR as a story starter. What kind of mischief would your Wild Self get into?
  • Use in Science. What sort of biome would your Wild Self thrive in? What sort of biome would your Wild Self not do well in?
  • Have students debate on whose Wild Self would win in face-to-face combat. How would they support their claims?
I'm sure you can come up with many more creative uses to this fun site! So, go wild! If you do, shoot me an email of your Wild Self at

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