So Darn Proud, I Can Barely Stand It!

This week, I've been in Austin, Texas attending the annual Texas Computer Educator Association's (TCEA) annual state conference. It's an incredible conference with thousands of attendees, and hundreds of vendors and sessions. It's been one heck of a week.

On Tuesday night, I was blessed to be name the TCEA Technology Administrator of the Year. I truly attribute this to a whole team effort. From our school board, to our administrative team, to our teachers, students and parent - we have all worked hard to integrate technology into our schools. While humbled, I was proud of this accomplishment. But, the sense of pride I felt over this award doesn't compare to the pride I felt about the seven high school students I took with me. 

I have seven students that help me integrate technology, train teachers, oversee online programs, and help fellow students. My "tech interns" are an integral part of our technology program and I took them along with me to present at the conference.

They all presented short "walk-up" sessions at the eChalk booth on the exhibit floor, showing attendees how they use the service to communicate with teachers and students, hand in assignments electronically, and more. The good folks at eChalk were very impressed with the students. Never shy, they would eagerly approach attendees walking by and catch their interest with their own clever lines like, "I chalk, You Chalk, We all eCalk" and "You look like you could use a little eChalk in your life." They're just too clever!

On Wednesday afternoon, in a standing room only formal break-out session, we presented on how we use TechSmith's Jing program to create video tutorials. It was in that break out session that the kids really showcased their talents. To be honest, time got away from us before the conference and we never actually had a full run through practice. The kids all knew what parts of the PowerPoint they were to present and then each had an activity to do after the PowerPoint. One showed attendees the TechSmith website and told them how to download the software. Then there were live demos of the software. It was all followed by a Q&A session.

Their presentation simple blew me away! Their poise, professionalism, confidence, and humor was in par with some of the best I've ever seen. One TCEA attendees actually told me that our Jing presentation was the best she had ever seen in all of her years attending the show. They were, in short, incredible!

Prior to the presentation, I was nervous. I wanted it to go well. After the presentation, my energy level was even higher. I was on cloud nine, feeling like one big proud papa! I love these kiddos!

(If you want to learn more about Jing, or see the PowerPoint we used, click on the "Using Jing" link under the Pages section in the left column of this blog.)


Kathy Korty said…
Congratulations to you and your team.. So glad I got to meet them.
Kathy Korty -Cincinnati, Ohio

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