Friday Freebie: Create Books with Student Voice!

I've shared some great collaborative online sites with our elementary teacher that allow students to create books online. Sites like Storybird and Mixbook come to mind. All the teachers really appreciate these sites, but I often get a mixed response from our early level teachers. They love the sites, but point out that their Pk and Kindergarten students aren't at the point where they can write.

Our teachers are wonderfully creative and come up with ways to use these sites anyway. They let the kids create the story while they type or they let the pictures talk for themselves. But in doing so, we leave the students somewhat out of the creative process. Well, I finally came across a gem of a site that lets the students narrate their artwork to create a wonderful online book.

Little Bird Tales allows students to create images online or upload their artwork into a book. Then, using a very simple interface, they add their voice to each page. The final product can then be emailed to friends and family. It's that easy, and the end product is great.

Students can "write" their own stories, or you can create a class book like this wonderful book on Taking Care of Your Teeth. The site is free but someone needs to register your school (which is free also). It's a terrific site!



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