Friday Freebie: Socrative Cloud-Based Student Response is Awesome!

I don't know how it is I haven't blogged about Socrative before. It's a free student response system that, as their website puts it, is as easy as raising your hand. Accessible from any laptop, netbook, tablet, or mobile device, this system provides easy to analyze real-time data from your audience.

Their are two different logins, one for teachers and one for students. As a teacher, you get a "Room Number" that you give your students. You can then create questions "on the fly" by asking questions verbally and gather the responses through the system. You can even pre-build quizzes and deliver them as student led or teacher led quizzes.

Rather that try to give the site justice through words, I decided to create two quick intro videos. The first video shows the teacher view, the second video shows the student view.

This truly is one the easiest and best looking response tools I've seen. Get it a visit!


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