Friday Freebie: Triptico IWB Resources are Unbelievable!

This week's Friday Freebie is a MUST HAVE for anyone with an interactive whiteboard and a YOU SHOULD STILL GET IT for anyone else!

Triptico: IWB Toolkit (available at is a collection of 23 interactive resources that teachers are always looking for to engage students. It is not a web-based resource, rather it is a downloadable program that runs on Adobe Air (which will be installed if you don't have it). The whole installation process takes less than 5 minutes.

Once you've installed it, you open it and get the  window you see above. You then use the scroll bar at the bottom to scroll through the 23 resources. When you find the one you want, double-click and away you go. So, what are these wonderful resources? Well, here are just a few ...

  • Word Magnets - You can create a list of words than be dragged and placed on the board. For the board, you can have a blank screen or choose from a variety of templates like columned charts, Venn diagrams, or cause & effect diagrams.
  • Class Timers - There are several class timers to choose from - a round count down timer, a sand clock, and a count up digital timer. Each are visually attractive and easy to use!
  • Random Name Pickers - Enter your students names and save them ass a Triptico list. Then use one of several name pickers to call on students. There's a random selector, a selector to place students in order (for presentations for example), and even one to create random groups!
  • Quiz Makers - There are several tools that will allow you to create games! "Find 10", "What's in the Box" and "What's the Question" are all easy to use games that your students will love! Want to keep score? Well, there are two more programs just for that!
The great thing is, you can have several of these modules open at a time! Or multiple instances of the same module if you need it.

This is simple a great tool! I've had a blast playing with it today and I hope you enjoy it too!


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