Loving My New Kindle Fire!

At a recent budget meeting with our elementary school principal, she expressed an interest in looking at a different delivery method for technology in the early elementary grades. Specifically, she wanted to explore the use of Kindle Fires in the classroom I have a "regular" Kindle and I have an iPad, but I didn't have a Kindle Fire. So, being the good Technology Director I am and wanting to make an informed recommendation, I purchased one. (Any excuse for a new toy, huh?)

Well, I finally got it last week and have been "playing around" with it for a few days. I absolutely love it! I'm not sure how this sleek gizmo passed me by, but I have found it to be an incredibly handy device for reading, browsing, and learning. It's small and lightweight and easy to navigate. The keyboard is much smaller than my iPad's so that took a little getting used to.

While there are not nearly as many apps in the Kindle Fire "store" as there are for the iPad, there are plenty to keep one busy and there are some especially useful apps for early learners. And, since the Fire runs on the Android operating system, there is a way to install just about any app written for Android onto the device. Videos look great and music plays really nicely as well. And, the web browser supports flash!

I'm not totally sold on the device as a "productivity" tool. Trying to type up a big document on a device like this (or an iPad as far as I'm concerned) is just too clunky at this point. But, as a consumer tool that's sleek, fast, fun to play with, and reasonably priced .... this Kindle Fire is on FIRE!


Unknown said…
Honestly, I also love my Kindle Fire and I bought it at a reasonable price - from sales. It's a really great, interesting device and I'm happy that a friend told me about All you can books... a great site with hundreds of very good titles. I got so many eBooks from this site and I'm having them in my online library.
Roland, you have to try a Zagg keyboard on your iPad. It will change your perception of the iPad as a productivity device...it certainly changed my perception!

In fact, I wouldn't buy an iPad if it lacked a keyboard. That's essential for a writer...and a blogger!

Wishing you well,

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