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Friday Freebie: Pixlr Photo Editor

If you're looking for a FREE alternative to an expensive full photo editor like PhotoShop, then look no further than Pixlr.  I've been tinkering around the site and find it to be almost as powerful as the Adobe products (at least for amateur users like me.)
When you launch the application, you have the option of starting from scratch or uploading an image. Then you have a full array of tools. Those of you familiar with Photoshop will be amazed to see ... layersfilters (blurs, noises, pixelation, etc)eraserspenssmudge toolsa spot healing toolclone stampsand much, much more I took a simple picture like this...

And after adding a layer, applying a quick filter, tweaking the opacity, and adding a vignette, I turned it into this ...

Downloading your finished product is a snap and no sign up is needed. So save yourself a few bucks and try out Pixlr!

Great New Contest for Students About Healthy Living!

Yesterday, I received an email from Will Lindow from Green Ribbon Schools about a great new contest for students to promote healthy living that centers around game design! I hate sharing this information with you because we have students entered and I don't want more competition than we already have. But, it's for the "good of the kids" so I guess you can all join in the fun.

Here's the invitation to join the contest from Will.....


Fellow Educators,
A new program has just launched  - The Healthivores Video Game Contest, where you, your students and your school can all win laptop computers (5 laptops awarded to each winning entry). There is an easy to follow Lesson Plan, that is designed for teachers and students with zero game design experience, to complete for entering the contest in less than 3 weeks. In the Lesson Plan students learn how to design video games that teach a lesson of healt…