Great New Contest for Students About Healthy Living!

Yesterday, I received an email from Will Lindow from Green Ribbon Schools about a great new contest for students to promote healthy living that centers around game design! I hate sharing this information with you because we have students entered and I don't want more competition than we already have. But, it's for the "good of the kids" so I guess you can all join in the fun.

Here's the invitation to join the contest from Will.....


Fellow Educators,

A new program has just launched  - The Healthivores Video Game Contest, where you, your students and your school can all win laptop computers (5 laptops awarded to each winning entry). There is an easy to follow Lesson Plan, that is designed for teachers and students with zero game design experience, to complete for entering the contest in less than 3 weeks. In the Lesson Plan students learn how to design video games that teach a lesson of healthy eating and exercising. Teacher time required is about 1-2 hours, as the game design tutorials are all online for students to self-guide through. All resources and entry is FREE and if you can turn on the internet you can complete the Lesson Plan and enter the contest. The deadline for the contest is May 15th

To start now, see the below links:

If you have any questions now or at any point while you are working through the Lesson Plan, feel free to contact Will Lindow at  


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