Friday Freebie (on a Tuesday): WatchKnowLearn! Video Portal

Today, at our Elementary School we had a a fantastic onsite visit from Joe Thomas from WatchKnowLearn.

Joe, and the good folks at WatchKnowLearn, have taken the legwork out of searching for educationally relevant and appropriate videos on the internet.

Using a slew of volunteers, and backed financially through a generous contribution from an anonymous benefactor, the team has categorized and tagged over 33,000 videos from a variety of sources. Users can search by category or by keyword and the service is absolutely FREE. Should you decide to sign up for a free account (which I highly recommend you do), then you can create a "classroom" on the site and place links to your favorite videos there.

If your school blocks YouTube, as many schools do, there is an easy way to add a YouTube video to your library. WatchKnowLearn then pulls the video from the YouTube servers, strips them of any ads and comments, and the videos are available to you through their portal. They've even stareted tying videos to the national Common Core Standards.

In their own words, WatchKnowLearns believes "that everyone should have the same opportunity to learn. The best way to make this possible, we believe, is to organize into one, super directory the hundreds of thousands of good videos currently available on the Internet."

And they have done just that. The site is easy to navigate, user friendly, and a must-have for any classroom teacher wanting to integrate video into the classroom.

Pictured above are Fort Sam Houston Elementary School Instructional Design Coach Lynda Jacobs and Joe Thomas from WatchKnowLearn.


Joe Thomas said…
Thanks for the wonderful San Antonio hospitality today, Dr. Rios! It was invigorating to share the WKL resource with a group of teachers (and administrators) who are so passionate about providing the best teaching and the best technology for our future leaders. Those students are very fortunate to have such a dedicated team!

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