New Google Docs Research Tool is Great!

I logged in to my Google Apps for Education account the other to create a simple document for teachers to check out their laptops over the summer. When I created a new blank document I was created with a present from Google - the new Google Research tool for Google Docs.

Found under the Tools menu, the Research tool brings up a sidebar to the right of your document where you can do a Google search for sites, images, or quotes. That built in search, in and of itself, is a great addition. But, what blew me away is what happened when I decided to use something I found.

Since I was creating a technology checkout sheet, I searched images for "laptop." I quickly found a nice clip art of a laptop and I simply had to drag it from the sidebar into my document. When I did, I noticed a small number "1" in the upper right hand corner of the image. I thought, "No way! It can't be." But, when I scrolled down to the bottom of the document, I found my expectations were true. Google Docs created a footnote for me with all the necessary citations to the website the image came from!

Eager to test it out again, I performed a quote search using "technology"as the keyword. A slew of great quotes came up. I hovered over a quote in the sidebar and an "Insert" option appeared. I clicked, the quote  was inserted and footnote #2 was created. It was simply, tool cool for this computer geek!

I am using GoogleDocs more and more and with this new feature, I can see great application in the classroom. Loving It!

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