Proud of Our Military Kiddos

I am blessed to work in the Fort Sam Houston Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas. While we are a Texas public school district, we serve the military dependents of the Fort Sam Houston Military Installation. While there is some truth that "kids are kids" no matter where you go, I have found that military children are a special breed.

They face unique challenges like constant mobility as they move from post to post, deployment of parents as they temporarily relocate to defend freedom all over the globe, and the traumatic impact of injury incurred during battle. But, these kiddos face these challenges with maturity and grace. They never cease to amaze me with their resiliency or their patriotism.

MaryBeth, one of our para-educators a the elementary school (and a military spouse herself) recently posted the following story on her Facebook page. I repost it here with her blessing:
The bus I monitor after school passes by the National Cemetery each day. Friday's ride was a ride not to be forgotten. The bus had to pause for a minute as a caisson preceded by six horses escorted by military soldiers in dress uniforms marched by. As I brought to their attention the soldiers and horses passing, I didn't need to remind them to quiet their voices, they just knew. While the little girls sitting on one side of the bus silently waved, a couple little boys brought their hands up into salutes. Other boys followed their lead. They held the salutes until the casket at the end of the procession passed. As the bus continued its journey, these young 5-11 year olds were very eager to explain to me we why the last, lone horse had no rider. The thought hit me that most all these children have parents who serve/served in the battle zone, many of whom were injured. I am proud to work with the military children of Fort Sam Houston Elementary.
I'm proud too, MaryBeth. We should all be proud.

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