This weekend my son was busy with his senior English project. He had to create a movie trailer for "The Red Badge of Courage." So he and his project partners dressed in camouflage, headed to the local park, and filmed some gritty war footage. Well, as gritty as three high school kids in camo t-shirts, shorts, and Sperry's equipped with paint ball guns get can.

The came home and put together a nice little trailer using the movie trailer builder in iMovie. Then, they uploaded the video to YouTube. My son was about to write down the web address of his video, when I stepped in.

I hate long web addresses (also know as URL's - Uniform Resource Locaters). They're hard to type in without making a mistake and they usually mean nothing. That's why I love the TinyURL website. At TinyURL, you simply enter the long URL (by copying and pasting to assure you don't make a mistake), then click one button and your URL is shortened! You can then use the new, short URL. (You can, if for some reason you want to, still use the original URL).

So, you can take a long URL like this Google Form address:
And turn it into:

When I created the Tiny URL above, I let the TinyURL website randomly pick some numbers and letters for the web address. But, and here comes the real fun ... you can create your own alias by typing in what you want after the part. As long as it hasn't been taken, it's yours!

So, if you want to see my son's movie trailed for Red Badge of Courage, you can simply go to

How cool is that!

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