Free Textbooks Online at CK12 Flexbooks!

While at ISTE I stumbled upon the CK-12 booth on the exhibit hall floor. As soon as I saw the booth, I knew who they were. I'd visited their site before. I even created an account. But for some reason I never got around to sharing this great resource with others. My guess is "life" got n the way. Anyway, my apologies to you, my readers, because this is one heck of a site!

CK-12 is a collection of FREE (yes, that's right, FREE) online textbooks. The majority of the textbooks are in the math and science arena and are geared towards 6-12 grade students. But, there are also a few in other curricular areas. And, they are tied to a slew of state and national standards for you! Now, free online books alone would make CK-12 a terrific resource, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

CK-12 are editable and customizable! Since all the material posted in the CK-12 library is posted under Creative Commons licensing, you can create your own books by grabbing a chapter here, a chapter there, a section here, and a section there/ You can create your own book (called a "flexbook" since it's use is so flexible), give it a title, and even share your new creation with others. According to the website
"CK-12 allows one to customize and produce content by re-purposing to suit what needs to be taught, using different modules that may suit a learner's learning style, region, language, or level of skill, while adhering to the local education standards."
Viewing the books doesn't require any signing in, but you will need a free account to create your own flexbooks or flag material for future use.  Take a look. You'll be glad you did.


rrmontal said…
Have had the CK Biology books since last year. Great resource, soon after I downloaded all the other science disciplines from them. Easy to read, great links within the book to videos and other websites. A must for Science & Math teachers.
BookGator said…
I'm very excited to see that things are changing with regard to textbooks. Free resources like this should be made available to all students. We advocate for free knowledge and this is the right way to go inasmuch as textbooks is concerned. - Jules of Bookgator.

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