ISTE Keynote: Sir Ken Robinson

Okay, I thought getting to the keynote address at a technology conference twenty minutes early was a good idea. When I got there, I was redirected to the "overflow" room clear on the other side of the convention center and that room was filled to capacity! I guess Sir Ken Robinson has quite a following!

Here are a few highlights from his keynote address at the 2012 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in San Diego. He was joined by a panel made up of Shawn Covel from Qualcomm, Marc Prenksy who created the term "digital natives", and actress and teacher Mayim Bialik. This blog entry is really just a list of quotable quotes I culled from their talk. I will try to expand on some of these great ideas in later posts. Please pardon any paraphrasing.

Sir Ken Robinson -

  • "Ten years ago there were no iPads, Smart Phones, or social media networks. Ten years ago if people 'tweeted' they were discouraged."
  • "Education lies at a critical crossroads. It is one of the most contested areas in public policy, but more and more people are becoming disengaged with it."
  • "The whole principal of school reform has been based on compliance, standardization, and non-personalization." Humanity is based on diversity. There are opportunities now with technology to change this."
  • "What does it take to truly engage students in their learning and what is the role of technology in this process?"
  • "If you truly love something you're good at, you'll never work again."

Shawn Covel -

  • "Mobile is changing the way we learn."
  • "More people have access to a mobile phone than people have access to clean drinking water."
  • "The number of mobile devices will surpass the world population this year."
  • "Mobile connectivity will begin to affect everything we touch."

Marc Prensky (who in my opinion stole the show!) -

  • "The big question with technology is what do we keep in our heads and what do we delegate to our machines?
  • "What do we do better than computers? The answer = Teachers provide empathy and students have passion."
  • "We need to help students find and follow their passion. To do so, we need to (1) listen to them, (2) respect them, (3) over-expect from them, and (4) empower all teachers to dare to do what is right."
  • "The war between digital natives and digital immigrants is over. The NATIVES WON!"
  • "Today's teachers have to be creative and daring."
  • "Technology is not a "cure all" but it works to extend the student and his/her passion and talents."

Mayim Bialik

  • "I am proud to put a female face on the passion of science."
and my favorite quote of the night came from Mayim .....

"Technology has changed, but the heart of learning never will. One teacher. One student. One connection."


Mabel Estevez said…
How fortunate for you to have been there to experience that! So envious bc that man rocks!

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