Create Fake Text Messages for Free!

We all know how our students like to text. My own children text more than they talk on their iPhones. Texting is not without its own merits. In fact, I recently saw an infographic on the Benefits of Texting.

So, why not tap into this interest and let our students get creative in the process? At, users can create screen shots of fake text interactions. You simply type in a name to appear at the top of the text message screen, then use two names with a colon after each to create your text. (You really don't even need to type full names since they don't appear in the screen shot).  For example, for the sample shown above I used:
R: Hey Juliet! Saw you at the party last night.
J: Yeah. I saw you too.
R: How about a date?
J: Not a good idea. In case u haven't noticed, our families don't get along! LOL!
R: Come on! One date won't kill you!
J: Oh, OK. You have a way with words!
R: Sweet!
After typing your message into the editing box, you click create screen shot and ifaketext does all the handy work for you. I did have to try a few times to get everything to fit they way I wanted, so I strongly suggest you create your dialogue in a text editor and cut and paste. That way it's easier to re-do if needed. Also, when I clicked the "Download Image" button, the last part of the texting dialogue got cut off. I remedied this by using a screen capturing tool (SnagIt) to grab the image.

This would be a great "extra credit" project for students to attach to an assignment. Or it could stand on its own. Students could become literary characters, historical figures, or even inanimate objects (imagine a texting dialogue between an acute and an obtuse angle!). LOL!


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