Need Help Engaging Community on District's Social Media Pages

One of my responsibilities in my role in the district is the maintenance of our district and campus websites and our social media pages. I love the task and see it as more "fun" than "work."

Our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter have been active for about a year and we have a decent following for a school our size. But, I'd like to really take advantage of the interactive aspect of Facebook much more this year.

I want to actively engage our parents and community members by soliciting their feedback. Bear in mind, I don't want to open any of Pandora's boxes or incite a heated online debate. I want to engage our community in fun and engaging ways.

I did a little of this last year. I ran a little weekly contest last fall during football season. I'd post a Cole High School trivia question and give away a free ticket to the football game for the first correct response. It was well received and the community learned a little about our schools.

So, what I'm looking for are questions I could pose that would get parents, students, and community members "talking." Again, nothing too heavy to start. Just prompts that are educationally or family related that would make good Facebook fodder. I gave it a try today with "What is your favorite summer memory?" We'll see how that works.

I can also use some ideas of how to engage via Twitter. If you have some ideas on the use hashtags in a school setting on Twitter, I'd love that too!

If you'd like to offer some feedback, post a question or two or three on this public Google document. I'll repost everything that I gather for all to use!


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drphil said…
How about using the FB page to promote academic competitions? I'm guessing the community will not be as knowledgeable about academic UIL as they are about the sports teams and you might generate some support for the kids who get little recognition but are competing in areas that education is supposed to be all about.

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