Friday Freebie: Get Quick Feedback from Your Students!

Ever need some quick feedback from your students? Wanna ask a question "on the fly" and gather data quickly? Then today's Friday Freebie is perfect for you!

Head over to Naiku's Quick Question ( and create a free account. The, you can create a Quick Question session and ask Yes/No questions, True/False, Multiple Choice. Open Text, or Exit Tag responses. There's no need to enter the questions ahead of time, you can simply ask them verbally and get immediate feedback!

The great thing is students can easily respond using any internet capable device - laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. All they do is go to the student site ( and enter the code that you'll be given for your Quick Question session.

You can start and stop questions easily and choose whether to display results or not. If you want, you can click the correct response to get further analysis. It's so simple!

Now, when I first created my account, the only thing I had access to was the Quick Question. When I logged in this morning to create this blog entry, I found I now have the ability to create classes, enter students, and create full assessments ahead of time. I'll tinker with these features and write more later!


Corey Thompson said…

Thanks sure taking some time to review Quick Question for your readers! It is always free for teachers. Glad you have found it to be useful!

Corey Thompson
Co-founder & CEO, Naiku

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