Keep Those Meetings (and Classes) on Time with NextUp!

Ever been in a meeting that seems to go nowhere? Wish you had a "task master" to keep everything (and everybody) on task and on time?

Then head over to NextUp and your problems are solved! With this incredibly simple to use web-based tool, you can create a meeting and enter your agenda items. Then, you add the allotted time for each agenda item using a MM:SS format.

After that, click "Create Agenda" and when ready, "Start Meeting." NextUp will begin a countdown timer and when time is up on each agenda item, it disappears from the agenda and timing starts on the next item. It's so simple, yet so effective!

I can see administrators using this for meetings and staff development. I can myself using it during presentations as a "back channel" timer just for me. Teachers could use it to help guide classroom activities or station rotations! It's a great tool.

Okay. I gotta go. Times up. :)


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