We Need Help Getting Dressed!

Our school has been asked to participate in the upcoming CEFPI convention in San Antonio. CEFPI is the Council of Educational Facility Planners International and, according to the conference website, the conference is a "gathering of educational facility planners, architects, designers, educators and suppliers in the K-12 school facility industry" designed to "create energetic conversation and interaction as [attendees] explore ways to connect, share and engage in strategies which impact individuals, companies, schools and communities."

At this year's conference, they will be showcasing three "Classrooms of the Future" on the exhibit hall floor. One of our fabulous teachers, Lori Fuller, and 9 of my student technology interns will act as the teacher and students in the future space. The future classroom is intended to predict what a classroom will look like in 2021. Lori will mock up an interactive project based learning experience for the kids and they will work "live" in front of the conference attendees.

Some of the technology they'll use will be real and working and other parts will be prototypes that the kids will pretend to work. It'll be like "playing school" in a future school.

We're all thrilled about the opportunity, but need some feedback. We need to "look the part." To that end, what do you think students and teachers will be wearing in 2021? What will hair and accessories look like? Will their be "functionality" in their clothing? Will clothing look simpler or more complicated?

We want your input! So, head over to http://www.todaysmeet.com/Fashion2020 and give us your ideas. We'll be sure to post pictures after the event.

Image from: http://www.gomommygo.com/thankpics/getting_dressed.jpg


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