Friday Freebie: Great Election Sites!

On the off chance you've been living under a rock for the past few months, let me catch you up to speed - it's election season!

I know many of you are building engaging lessons around the election process and civic responsibility, so I thought I'd do a little searching for you and find some great sites that may help you along the way. Feel free to offer more! I looked at a TON of sites and whittled it down to my favorite 8.

So, with any further ado ....

Electing a President "in Plain English" - The absolute best explanation of the electoral college I've ever seen!

Election Templates from Education World - Some great templates you can print and reproduce for free. Topics include branches of government, the electoral college, and more. - How to Become President of the United States - The site starts with a great infographic and then walks students through all the steps needed to become the Commander in Chief!

National Student Mock Election - A site from the Pearson foundation. You can register to participate in the national student mock election, or simply use one of their many great resources. The site also contains links to many more useful sites.

PBS Kids: The Democracy Project - Meet the candidates, enter a virtual voting booth, create a campaign poster, and more at this colorful and informative election site!

Project VOTE - This student mock election site is brought to you by the Texas Secretary of State. If you are a Texas school, you can register your school for all the available content. The free pdf file, however, contains a slew of great resources for any teacher - from how to set up a mock election, to voter registration cards, to "I Voted" sticker templates!

Scholastic's Election 2012 Site - An incredible site with maps, games, and a great Q&A section. I learned a few things myself!

TIME for Kids: Election 2012 - A great site with links to articles about the candidates, their political stances, the election process and more. While the name of the site is TIME for Kids, I think it's more geared to secondary students.


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