Friday Freebie: Take attendance with MyAttendanceTracker

Nowadays, all teachers have an electronic grade book to take attendance. With a simple click, teachers can  enter absences or tardies in their gradebook and have a permanent attendance record.

But, what if you need to keep attendance for your extracurricular activities? What do you do for your Honor Society, or debate club, Academic Decathlon, or spirit organization? How do you track attendance for that?

Well, today's Friday freebie will give you the answer - it's It's free and easy to join. Once in, you create classes (or clubs) and add members. Using their Tools menu, you can even import a .csv file of students. You can add "users" if you want to give another sponsor administrative rights too!

Then taking roll is as easy as selecting a date and a group. Everyone shows up in the "Present" box and you click and drag those missing in to the "Absent" box or, if they're just late, the "Tardy" box.

The Reports tab allows you to create a number of reports such as "Attendance by class", "Attendance by Student", or Weekly and Monthly Reports. You can print the reports or download them as Excel files. There is a "Dashboard" coming soon. Not sure what that will do, but I'm sure it'll be cool!

So head on over to adn get tracking!


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