Changing Email Addresses is Tougher Than Moving!

Over the weekend, I decided it was time to consolidate my two personal emails accounts into one. Why I had two personal accounts in this first place is a mystery to me, but I did. I used one for this blog and few other online subscriptions and  was using the other for my Twitter and Facebook account and for the Knights of Columbus website I maintain for my church. It was getting too tough switching back and forth so I knew it was time to pare down.

Another reason for the switch is that I wanted a full-fledged real-deal Gmail account. As big a proponent as I am for Google Apps, I have to admit I really didn't use Gmail that much. I wanted to start using it on a regular basis to get better acquainted with all its great features. So, I created a new Google account ( and started the migration.

That's when I began to realize the enormity of the move. I had to transfer this blog to my new identity. First, by inviting myself to contribute. Then accepting the invitation. Then, finally I could transfer ownership. Then I realized I had to do the same for all my GoogleDocs, my Picasa Web Album, my Calendar, and more. Then I had to repeat the whole process for my other email/Google account to move the Knights' website, documents, and calendar. (Actually, in writing this post I just realized I forgot the calendar.)

Next, it was time to scour through my other email inboxes to see what my email addresses were tied to. I had used my email accounts for online billings, for Facebook, for Twitter, and a mutitude of other services. One by one, I started the migration. It's a daunting task. The nice thing is, I 'll at least temporarily escape some of the junk mail that's begun piling up in my email accounts.

I'm not done yet, but I'm getting closer. And, I'm not "moving" again for a long time! (At least I had an extra hour this weekend!)

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Melanie Morgan said…
You're better than me! I have 6 different email accounts active. I like to divide it up - 1 for professional, 1 for personal, 1 for shopping/deal sites, etc. I miss too much when they are all consolidated. I use the heck out of the folder and tagging system, but there are just to many daily emails to keep up with. :)

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