Friday Freebie: Great Google Resources!

On Saturday, October 27th I hosted an Area "Google Apps for Education" Summit in San Antonio. The workshop was attended by over 100 teachers, administrators, and technology directors from around San Antonio and beyond!

We started the day with a candid panel discussion with students about their use of technology and their views on how well teachers integrate it into their classrooms. Fantastic breakout sessions followed and we ended the day by designing our own learning in two "un-conference" sessions.

In my "unbiased" opinion, the day was a huge hit. We all walked away with some incredible knowledge about using Google Apps in the classroom. So, today I want to share some of that knowledge with you.

The website we built for the conference is still up an active. You can visit it at: The page you really want to focus on is the "Schedule and Breakout Sessions" page. There, you'll find an audio recording of the student panel interview. Farther below, in the breakout sessions schedule, you will find links to each presenters' material. There is a WEALTH of information on these pages.

My friend and mentor Miguel Guhlin also captured several sessions on audio and has posted podcasts of them on his blog, Around the Corner. You can find those podcasts here:



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