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Reflections on Sandy Hook: Why Would God Let This Happen?

I need to start this post by stating that it has nothing to do with technology and it is deeply rooted in my own spiritual beliefs. And, it's rather lengthy. I do hope, however, that you read on.
In trying to understand the recent horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, many people are faced with the burning question - How could this happen? We begin to question the balance of our world and how our creator (whoever that may be for you) could let something like this happen.
I want to share with you all an excerpt from a talk I gave on forgiveness at a men's retreat with my church. In the talk, I reflected on another tragic event that happened at a school I worked at. I thinks its appropriate to share this now as we all seek out answers to the tragedy at Sandy Hook...
In addition to forgiving yourself, there’s one other time that forgiving can be especially hard – forgiving our God. There are some that would find that thought disturbing, absurd, ev…

Friday Freebie: Great New Image Comment Feature in Google Drive!

Today's Friday Freebie comes to you courtesy of Google. It is not a new website, it's simply one new feature in one of their already existing tools.

In Google Drive, you've always had the ability to upload and store any kind of file, including image files. Well now, Google added a great new feature - the ability to add comments to images! Once your picture is stored in your Google Drive,  you simply open it, click EDIT > COMMENT then click and drag over the area of the image that you want to add a comment to. A comment bubble pops up. You type in your comment and click the "Comment" button. It's that's simple. To see which area of the image comments are associated with, you click on the outlined areas on the image and the associated comment gets highlighted.

A know it's a simple little addition, but I think the educational implications are great. Imagine you need your biology students to label parts of the heart, or you've got art students tha…

Friday Freebie: Take a Stroll Down Certificate Street!

Ever need a certificate in a jiffy? Don't feel like recreating the wheel? Today's Friday Freebie is the site for you! Take a stroll down Certificate Street!

Certificate Street is a free website loaded with hundreds of certificate templates. You can browse through categories such as sports, school, special occasion, and more. Once you find the template you like, click to preview it, then download the "fill-able" pdf. The free version includes a watermark, but it is discrete and "tasteful." If you'd like one without the watermark, a mere 99 cents will get you that version. Fill out the form, print, and you're done. And, these are really good looking templates!

It's really that simple. This is a great site. Check it out.

Scratch Off Fun!

Yesterday after school I held a short workshop on creating your own scratch off cards. What a blast! The process is incredibly simple.

First, you create the "card" on the computer. While you can use just about any document, graphic, or presentation software, we used Microsoft Word. It was great because I was able to show the teachers how to use shapes, WordArt, clipart, and textboxes. We also ordered, grouped, copied, and pasted. After creating a sheet full of cards, we printed them out, then the real fun started.

To make the "scratch off" part, you simply cover that area of the card with something clear and smooth. You can use packing tape, but in our case I had purchased some self-adhesive laminating strips that we cut to size. Then, make a paint mixture consisting of two parts acrylic paint to one part dish washing soap. Apply the paint to the covered area. You'll need several coats so don't worry if the first coat doesn't cover the hidden text. We …