Friday Freebie: Great New Image Comment Feature in Google Drive!

Today's Friday Freebie comes to you courtesy of Google. It is not a new website, it's simply one new feature in one of their already existing tools.

In Google Drive, you've always had the ability to upload and store any kind of file, including image files. Well now, Google added a great new feature - the ability to add comments to images! Once your picture is stored in your Google Drive,  you simply open it, click EDIT > COMMENT then click and drag over the area of the image that you want to add a comment to. A comment bubble pops up. You type in your comment and click the "Comment" button. It's that's simple. To see which area of the image comments are associated with, you click on the outlined areas on the image and the associated comment gets highlighted.

A know it's a simple little addition, but I think the educational implications are great. Imagine you need your biology students to label parts of the heart, or you've got art students that need to analyze a painting. This tool would work great. And with the easy sharing options in GoogleDrive, students could work collaboratively and easily share the resulting image back with you.

Here's the actual image pictured above that you can add comments to.I simply changed the sharing option to "Anyone with the link can add comments."

So how will use this great new feature?


bjohnson said…
Great visual and useful tool to have on hand. Thanks for sharing, Beverly

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