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Dinner with Mrs. Walters...

A quick warning: Today's blog post has nothing to do with technology. It does, however, have everything to do with the power of education and the beauty of teaching.

Last night a former classmate of mine, Donald Kotulan, joined me for a wonderful dinner. Don and I went to grade school, middle school, and high school together. And, Don and I had the same wonderful fifth grade teacher - Mrs. Carol Walters. So last night, when Don was back in town, we had a lovely dinner with our fifth-grade teacher. Yes, that's right - our fifth-grade teacher!

Now I'm no spring chicken, and as I did the calculation last night before dinner, I realized we had Mrs. Walters 38 years ago! She was fairly new new teacher at the time and, boy, was she incredible

Now I'll be honest, I don't remember everyone that was in that class, but I do remember "The Five Boys." And, lucky for us, Mrs. Walters fondly remembers "The Five Boys" - me, Don, Tom, Kevin, and Gilbert. We wer…

Friday Freebie: Find a Time to Meet with Doodle!

Today's Friday Freebie is not a teaching tool. It's a time-saving productivity tool. But let's face it, educators need all the time they can get, so anything that saves us time is worth looking at!
How often have you and your team spent a crazy amount of time trying to find a common time to meet? With our busy schedules, it's almost impossible to find the right time for everyone to get together. Whether it's a needed meeting for class sponsors, an important ARD, or just a good ol' happy hour (or should I say "choir Practice"), we sometimes spend more time figuring out when we can meet than actually meeting.
Now, in a perfect world we would all be using the same calendar program (like GroupWise Calendar, or Outlook, or Google Calendar) and the built in scheduler of these programs would do the work for us. But, in reality, we don't all use the same calendar and chances are not everyone in your group keeps their calendars up to date.
Enter Doodle! D…

2013 Healthivores Video Game Contest – Simple and Rewarding Approach to Student Game Design

Okay, I love to share. But to be honest, today's sharing is a little tough. Why? Because I am sharing news about an exciting and engaging video game design contest with you. Why is that tough? Because last year, students from our district won 1st place in the nation and now I'm inviting more competition! Yikes!

All kidding aside, this is a great contest that teaches students video game design in a simple and understandable format and also teaches them about content areas such as fitness and nutrition, math, science, or technology. Our students had a blast doing this last year and I hope yours will too. Here's a announcement sent to me directly from Shanti from Green Ribbon Schools:
Are you a teacher with zero video game design experience? NO PROBLEM! This year’s Healthivores Video Game Contest has begun and its easier than you think. Check out the included Lesson Plan that will take teachers, even those with zero game design experience, step-by-step through the process of …

Friday Freebie: Incredible Free Posters!

Today's Friday Freebie is not a program or a cool interactive Web 2.0 site, it's simply a FREE resource of some incredible inspirational resources from Fable Vision Learning.

Fable Vision is a company that, according to their own mission statement, believes that "a well-educated student is not complete without less "test-able" skills such as creativity, communication, self-expression, problem solving, and cultural understanding" and their mission is "to help educators inspire their students to develop and strengthen these fundamental skills."

They have a full line of wonderful software titles you can purchase. Their interactive animated "Big Screen" books (like Dot and Ish) are great and I've had the chance to tinker with their cool animation software, Animation-ish.

But, what I wanted to point you to is their free resources for educators. The ones I really love are their "Mini Posters." Not only are these posters beautifu…