Dinner with Mrs. Walters...

A quick warning: Today's blog post has nothing to do with technology. It does, however, have everything to do with the power of education and the beauty of teaching.

Last night a former classmate of mine, Donald Kotulan, joined me for a wonderful dinner. Don and I went to grade school, middle school, and high school together. And, Don and I had the same wonderful fifth grade teacher - Mrs. Carol Walters. So last night, when Don was back in town, we had a lovely dinner with our fifth-grade teacher. Yes, that's right - our fifth-grade teacher!

Now I'm no spring chicken, and as I did the calculation last night before dinner, I realized we had Mrs. Walters 38 years ago! She was fairly new new teacher at the time and, boy, was she incredible

Now I'll be honest, I don't remember everyone that was in that class, but I do remember "The Five Boys." And, lucky for us, Mrs. Walters fondly remembers "The Five Boys" - me, Don, Tom, Kevin, and Gilbert. We were five precocious, rambunctious, energetic, curious, little boys who would do anything and everything to please Mrs. Walters. Bear in mind, we were 12 years old, the year was 1974, and Mrs. Walters was a young knockout teacher. Hubba! Hubba! We were all in love!

Don't get me wrong. It wasn't just her beauty that fascinated us. It was her love for teaching. It was her energy, her passion, her enthusiasm. She pushed us, she challenged us, she engaged us, and most of all - she loved us. I don't have a clue about what content that she taught us, but I know she ignited my love for learning in ways that no teacher had before or has since. She was, in short, the best teacher I ever had.

We enjoyed her class so much ever (and for some reason she enjoyed us so much) that the summer after our fifth grade year, she had the five of us over to her house. Her wonderful husband, Les, cooked hamburgers for us. Then, the year later after our sixth grade year, she invited us back.  And the year after that, and the year after that, and ...

We stayed in touch with Mrs. Walters until graduation and then we all went off to find our place in the world. As an educator in San Antonio, I was blessed to run across Mrs.Walters on several occasions. And for a short time, we we even worked in the same school district. I ran into her again several weeks ago at a robotics competition and when I posted a picture of the two of us on Facebook, my friend Don jumped at the chance to see her again. He came into town this week, and looked up Mrs. Walters to arrange our fantastic dinner date.

So last night, Don, Mrs. Walter's wonderful husband Les, Mrs. Walters, and I went out.  We reminisced. We caught up. We told her about our children. She told us about her grandchildren.

As I mentioned earlier, we had Mrs. Walters 38 years ago. We were tickled to find out last night that she is still teaching. She's in her 41st year of education as a gifted and talented coordinator in an elementary school. I know she is still inspiring children in the magical the way she inspired us. She has made a world of difference to so many in her 41 years of dedicated service!

As an educator, I'm so pleased to see that their are still students enjoying the perks of being in Mrs. Walters class. But I warn all the students in the world - "The Five Boys" set the bar pretty high!

We love you, Mrs. Walters. Thanks for all you did to turn five crazy boys turn into the five men we are today.


Ann DeBolt said…
What a great way to start the day! This is a great post about your wonderful teacher. How lucky you "boys" are to still be in touch with Mrs. Walters. Teaching truly is a calling.
Anonymous said…
Roland, What a wonderful story. And so inspiring to our young teachers. They can make a difference in the life of children. Thank you for sharing this story.
Filip said…
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Lucilyn labajo said…
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Apteka said…
Twój blog jest super ;)
Alma said…
Loved your story. My favorite teachers were Mrs. Jackson and Ms. Weiss they changed my life.

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