Friday Freebie: Find a Time to Meet with Doodle!

Today's Friday Freebie is not a teaching tool. It's a time-saving productivity tool. But let's face it, educators need all the time they can get, so anything that saves us time is worth looking at!

How often have you and your team spent a crazy amount of time trying to find a common time to meet? With our busy schedules, it's almost impossible to find the right time for everyone to get together. Whether it's a needed meeting for class sponsors, an important ARD, or just a good ol' happy hour (or should I say "choir Practice"), we sometimes spend more time figuring out when we can meet than actually meeting.

Now, in a perfect world we would all be using the same calendar program (like GroupWise Calendar, or Outlook, or Google Calendar) and the built in scheduler of these programs would do the work for us. But, in reality, we don't all use the same calendar and chances are not everyone in your group keeps their calendars up to date.

Enter Doodle! Doodle is a FREE online scheduler that allows you to easily create a poll to see when people can meet. You create a free account (or just tie it to your Facebook or Google account) and then you create the poll by choosing possible dates and possible times. You can then have Doodle email the poll to recipients you enter, or you can just take the link and email the poll yourself. Recipients simply check the times they can make the meeting and you get a table of results.

It's really that easy! So, if you need to find a time to meet, let Doodle do the work for you!


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