Friday Freebie: Incredible Free Posters!

Today's Friday Freebie is not a program or a cool interactive Web 2.0 site, it's simply a FREE resource of some incredible inspirational resources from Fable Vision Learning.

Fable Vision is a company that, according to their own mission statement, believes that "a well-educated student is not complete without less "test-able" skills such as creativity, communication, self-expression, problem solving, and cultural understanding" and their mission is "to help educators inspire their students to develop and strengthen these fundamental skills."

They have a full line of wonderful software titles you can purchase. Their interactive animated "Big Screen" books (like Dot and Ish) are great and I've had the chance to tinker with their cool animation software, Animation-ish.

But, what I wanted to point you to is their free resources for educators. The ones I really love are their "Mini Posters." Not only are these posters beautifully illustrated (by company founder Peter Reynolds), but their messages are meaningful and relevant to our students. The posters inspire students to "Think Globally" or "Think Outside the Box." They have posters for the "21st Century Teacher" and the "21st Century Kid." There are posters encouraging students to listen, to be enthusiastic, be patient, to help others, and more.

You will have to fill out an informational form every time you visit the free section of their site and you will end up getting emails from them, but they are really informative emails with more great stuff!

Get inspired! Inspire your students! Head to Fable Vision Learning now.


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