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Friday Freebie: BeFunky! My favorite online photo effect editor!

Today's Friday Freebie is hands-down my favorite free online photo editor, BeFunky. If you want an easy to use, intuitive online photo editor, BeFunky is the place to go. You can access the service online or download the Andoid or iPhone/iPad app. There's even a Chromebook app for you Chromies like me!
One of the many great things about BeFunky is you can use a lot of their basic editing features without ever having to sign up, or sign in. You simply click "Start Having Fun." I really like this feature for educational uses. Students can edit away and never have to enter any personal information. And, they'll still be able to download their work when done. If you create a free account, you'll have access to more cool features, but even without it, it offers a lot. 
There are six categories of editing tool: Basic: exposure, cropping, hue, saturation, resizing, etc.Effects: charcoal, grunge, lomoart, tiltshift, vintage, and more!Frames: basic, grunge, classic, h…

Friday Freebie: InfuseLearning - A Great Online Response System!

There are quite a few free online response out there today, each with its own strengths. Today's Friday Freebie highlights one of the best I've seen. It's InfuseLearning and it's one great tool!

Once at the site, you create a free teacher account. From then on, to start a question and answer session, you go to and start a session. You'll see a unique Room ID in the upper left corner of the screen. This is the code you give your students, who will go to There they enter the Room ID and their name.

Then, you as the teacher have several options. You can ask "on the fly" questions in a variety of formats: Liker scale, numeric, open-ended, sort and order, multiple choice, and draw response. Draw response allows students to "draw" their answers is works really well on tablets.

Once you ask a question, you'll see the status of the students logged in to your room. Once they answer, the green li…