Friday Freebie: InfuseLearning - A Great Online Response System!

There are quite a few free online response out there today, each with its own strengths. Today's Friday Freebie highlights one of the best I've seen. It's InfuseLearning and it's one great tool!

Once at the site, you create a free teacher account. From then on, to start a question and answer session, you go to and start a session. You'll see a unique Room ID in the upper left corner of the screen. This is the code you give your students, who will go to There they enter the Room ID and their name.

Then, you as the teacher have several options. You can ask "on the fly" questions in a variety of formats: Liker scale, numeric, open-ended, sort and order, multiple choice, and draw response. Draw response allows students to "draw" their answers is works really well on tablets.

Once you ask a question, you'll see the status of the students logged in to your room. Once they answer, the green light next to their name dims. When you're ready to look at responses, you can see a summary or get individual response details. You can even save the answers.

Another way to use InfuseLearning is to build quizzes ahead of time and administer them when needed. You can also pre-build classes and add students. I tried this with great results. I created a test class and added a few names (including my own) as a test. When I logged in as the student, I entered the Room ID and my name (Roland) and it mapped me to the right student in the class (Roland Rios). To really test the system I added a "Roland Ramirez" to the class to see what would happen. Then when I logged in as a student and just entered "Roland", it asked me if I was "Roland Rios" or "Roland Ramirez." Genius!

I can't wait to roll this out with our teachers and students. I think they'll love it!


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