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Friday Freebie: My 5 Favorite Totally Useless Sites

Generally, each Friday I share with you a website or an application to help you in your daily productivity or to help your students become more engaged the learning process. I try to steer you to tools that have strong educational value and will lead to profound learning.

Well, I've had one of those weeks and I'm not in the mood. Nothing bad, mind you. It's just that I've been swamped with work and have been feeling a little stressed. So today, I'm looking for a diversion, and given the time of year, you may be looking for the same thing.

In that light, today I share with you my five favorite useless sites on the Internet. These sites have no inherent educational value, but are a heck of a lot of fun to look at. In no particular order .....

Bacolicious - Everyone know that bacon makes everything better. Head over to and learn how to add a slice of bacon to any webpage. There's even a handy bookmarklet you can add to your bookmark bar to easi…

ePetPeeve - Not Changing the Subject Line!

I usually spend my time on this blog with happy thoughts. But, I need to vent. Nothing too serious of course. I just want to share one of my electronic pet peeves in hopes that it may get some people to stop doing what it is that bugs me (and most likely bugs some of you).

Now, let me start by saying I am a very mild-mannered person. I usually don't get ruffled at all. I have very few pet peeves to start with. My two biggest non-tech related pet peeves are smokers who throw their cigarette butts out the car window (a public street is not your giant ashtray!) and drawers that aren't completely closed (can you say OCD?).

But, there is one electronic habit that some have that drives me bonkers. It's when people respond to an email and completely change the subject but DO NOT change the subject line. An example:
1) I send out an email about an after school session I'm hosting on the use of Twitter as a professional learning network. In the email I ask people to reply if t…

Friday Freebie: 4D Storytelling with Meograph

If you ever need a tool that allows students to tell a story over time and location, then Meograph is for you!

Meograph lets users easily create multimedia stories that are "graphed" over a map. To create a Meograph, you simply name it and then start adding "Moments" in time. For each moment you can add:
a namea datea locationa written narrativea picturea videoa linkand narration! Editing each moment is s snap! Narration was simple since you only add narration to one "moment" at a time (making re-recording easy.) Adding pictures was breeze, but I would have liked to be able to add pics by URL (you have to upload them from your computer.) You can also add a short introduction and conclusion.

After you add all the elements and moments you want, save your masterpiece and hit the Play button. Meograph plays each moment sequentially and even draws "travel lines" of your moments on a map in the  background. The result is rather cool.

Meograph works rea…