ePetPeeve - Not Changing the Subject Line!

I usually spend my time on this blog with happy thoughts. But, I need to vent. Nothing too serious of course. I just want to share one of my electronic pet peeves in hopes that it may get some people to stop doing what it is that bugs me (and most likely bugs some of you).

Now, let me start by saying I am a very mild-mannered person. I usually don't get ruffled at all. I have very few pet peeves to start with. My two biggest non-tech related pet peeves are smokers who throw their cigarette butts out the car window (a public street is not your giant ashtray!) and drawers that aren't completely closed (can you say OCD?).

But, there is one electronic habit that some have that drives me bonkers. It's when people respond to an email and completely change the subject but DO NOT change the subject line. An example:
1) I send out an email about an after school session I'm hosting on the use of Twitter as a professional learning network. In the email I ask people to reply if they're coming so I can know how many to expect. The subject line in the email is "Using Twitter as a PLN Session next Thursday!"
2) When I get replies, I see the subject line and file them away to read later so I can tend to more pressing issues.
3) A few days later, someone asks why I didn't respond to their request for more ink as it was an emergency. They claim to have emailed me with the request.
4) Upon further investigation, I find that they replied to my email about the Twitter session with the request for ink and never changed the subject line. Thus, the filing away of an important email.
I'm sure it's happened to you too. Now, I understand how this happens, An email from someone triggers a reminder that you need something else from that person and while it's fresh on your mind, you hit reply and change the subject. No problem. But PLEASE, if you do that, take 5 seconds more to change the subject line. It really helps!

Okay, I feel better now.

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