Friday Freebie: 4D Storytelling with Meograph

If you ever need a tool that allows students to tell a story over time and location, then Meograph is for you!

Meograph lets users easily create multimedia stories that are "graphed" over a map. To create a Meograph, you simply name it and then start adding "Moments" in time. For each moment you can add:
  • a name
  • a date
  • a location
  • a written narrative
  • a picture
  • a video
  • a link
  • and narration!
Editing each moment is s snap! Narration was simple since you only add narration to one "moment" at a time (making re-recording easy.) Adding pictures was breeze, but I would have liked to be able to add pics by URL (you have to upload them from your computer.) You can also add a short introduction and conclusion.

After you add all the elements and moments you want, save your masterpiece and hit the Play button. Meograph plays each moment sequentially and even draws "travel lines" of your moments on a map in the  background. The result is rather cool.

Meograph works really well for projects that include time and place, so I can see lots of uses in English, history, book reports, and essays.

Here's my quick example on the past few ISTE conferences. Enjoy! If the embedded Meograph doesn't display, you can access it here: 



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