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Friday Freebie: Get Parents to Sign Up with Sign Up Genius!

One of our teachers recently invited me to her class to watch her students read poetry during their "Poetry Cafe." She said there would be light hors d'oeuvres and drinks. I accepted her invitation but asked if I could help by bringing any snacks. She immediately sent me a link to her SignUpGenius request page. I was hooked!

SignUpGenius is a free service that allows you to create an event and ask for people to bring items or sign up for time slots to help. It's a perfect service for you teachers out there that need parents to bring supplies,  food, or drinks to an event, or to man a booth or volunteer their time.

Setting up an event is easy. You name and describe it, select a theme, set a time and location, create your volunteer "slots", tweak your settings (what information you want from your volunteers and notification settings),  and then invite folks! You can invite by typing in email addresses or by simply copying the live link and emailing it or post…

Friday Freebie: Appointments Made Easy with YouCanBookMe!

Each spring, I offer free senior portraits to our senior class for anyone needing pictures. I offer a free one hour sitting at our local botanical gardens, then I edit the photos and give the pics to the family on a CD for them to print.

The receptionist at the high school has helped me take bookings in the past, but this year I'm going to use a great free site called YouCanBook.Me.  You have to have a Google account to use it, as it ties bookings to your Google Calendar. You simply log in to YouCanBookMe using your Google credentials.

Then you set the days and times you want people to be able to sign up for. You also have to set the times intervals per booking (in my case one hour). Then, there are so many options, I can't go into all of them here. But you can...

set minimum and maximum times to book aheadchange your themego offline when you don't want people to bookchange your unique URLcustomize the information you gathersend confirmations and thank you'sand much, m…

One Great Inspirational Message from a Student

At our district's monthly board meetings, we like to involve students as much as possible. One of the things we do at each meeting is have a high school student deliver an inspirational message. The students chosen are pretty much given free reign over the message they wish to share.

Last month, we had a wonderful student deliver a wonderful  message that I have to share with you. One our juniors, Elise, decided she wanted to talk about the value of the arts in education.

First, a little about Elise. While she is only a junior, she's already made the All-State band two years in a row - as first chair oboe! She's also a gifted singer earning state honors in solo and ensemble contest. But, above all that, she's an extremely nice young lady who is very respectful and incredibly smart.

So, Elise is my "guest blogger" today. I hope you enjoy her message and if you have anything you like to share with Elise about her wonderful message please send me an e-mail (dr…