Friday Freebie: Get Parents to Sign Up with Sign Up Genius!

One of our teachers recently invited me to her class to watch her students read poetry during their "Poetry Cafe." She said there would be light hors d'oeuvres and drinks. I accepted her invitation but asked if I could help by bringing any snacks. She immediately sent me a link to her SignUpGenius request page. I was hooked!

SignUpGenius is a free service that allows you to create an event and ask for people to bring items or sign up for time slots to help. It's a perfect service for you teachers out there that need parents to bring supplies,  food, or drinks to an event, or to man a booth or volunteer their time.

Setting up an event is easy. You name and describe it, select a theme, set a time and location, create your volunteer "slots", tweak your settings (what information you want from your volunteers and notification settings),  and then invite folks! You can invite by typing in email addresses or by simply copying the live link and emailing it or posting it yourself.

Here's a live example for you to look at:

It's a great tool for active teachers. Give it a shot!


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