Friday Freebie: Create Interactive Stories with InkleWriter

Today's Friday Freebie is InkleWriter - a great website that allows you to create interactive stories. What's an interactive story? It's a story in which the reader gets to choose which paths will be taken while reading the story.

While writing your story, you build in choices (or paths) that the reader has to choose from. Will the hero go left or right? Will the graduate go to UT or A&M? Will the damsel in distress pick the knight on the white horse, the black horse, or the Porsche?

In the writing mode, you decide how many paths there are at each juncture, then follow that path to fill in each part of that journey. Then you have to go "back up the path" to write the other part of the journey. It can be a bit confusing at times, but InkleWriter lets you see your story as a map, and also lets you know if you have any "loose ends." (That is choices that have nowhere to go.)

You can even add graphics (but the graphics have to have a URL). You can really get fancy and different paths can come back together in the end. When done, you can share the story by sending out the link or you can export to Kindle!

So let your creativity soar!


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