Friday Freebie: Desmos - Beautiful, Free Math!

Today's Friday Freebie is a great one for all my math geek followers! Don't be ashamed. I'm a proud math geek myself! If you're not a math teacher, please read on - if you share this site with your math friends, they'll love you forever. is a free online graphing calculator that does some really powerful stuff. From plotting simple points to graphing linear and quadratic equations to shading areas between functions, Desmos does it all. (For you non-math readers out there, trust me - this is good stuff!)

You can enter multiple functions and color code each one. (See example below.)

You can even enter variables into the equation (like y=mx+b) and Desmos will create "sliders" for you so you can change the values of m and b and watch the graph change. This is a great tool to get students to explore and discover on their own.

If you create your account with your Google account, you can save your graphs directly into Google Drive. Then, they can easily be shared with others! Imagine being able to share a graph with your students that they can then copy and manipulate on their own.

While all these features impress me a lot, what really impressed me are the folks behind all this. On their website, the founders state that they...
"imagine a world of universal math literacy, where no student thinks that math is too hard or too dull to pursue. We believe the key is learning by doing. When learning becomes a journey of exploration and discovery, anyone can understand – and enjoy! – math."
At ISTE 2013, I had the pleasure of meeting several key players at Desmos, including their CEO Eli Luberoff. Eli is a genuinely nice guy with a real passion for math and education. That passion clearly shines in this venture!

So, Desmos keep up the great work. And the rest of you, get graphing!


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