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An Awesome Bittersweet Memory

While on Facebook last week, I saw a post from a former student, Breanna. It started with "One time in high school..." So, I just had to read it. I am so glad I did.

Her bittersweet memory of one particular day in high school was a sweet tribute to one of her teachers and a reminder to us all that even the smallest gestures can have long-lasting impact. With her permission I share it with you here:
One time in high school, I sat in an empty classroom bawling my eyes out during lunch to one of my teachers. I was experiencing some torturous friendship angst that felt like it was consuming my entire mind. That teacher patiently listened while I lamented (probably melodramatically), and she handed me at least half a box of tissues.After I wiped away my tears, she told me something I have never forgotten. She said, "At least you are a pretty crier."Now that might seem like a shallow statement. Who cares about how tears look while you're in pain. But, it gave me a sl…

Friday Freebie: Get Inspired to Write with 5 Card Flickr!

First and foremost, kudos to fellow TCEA Board Member Christy Cate for telling me about this fun site. Thanks, Christy!
Today's site is a ton of fun and will help you or your students strengthen your creative writing while "fostering visual thinking." (1) The site is 5 Card Flickr and the premise is simple. You choose 5 random images from Flickr and create a story based on those images.

When the you click the "Play a Round" button, 5 Card Flickr presents you with 5 randomly chosen pictures from Flickr. These are the five pics you can choose from for the first photo in your story. Once you pic a photo, you get a new set of 5 randomly chosen pics to choose from for your second photo. The process is repeated a total of five times.

Once you have your five chosen pictures, you give your story a title, add your name, then write your story. You can write as little or as much as you want. Once you submit your story, it will get added to the list of stories (under the …