An Awesome Bittersweet Memory

While on Facebook last week, I saw a post from a former student, Breanna. It started with "One time in high school..." So, I just had to read it. I am so glad I did.

Her bittersweet memory of one particular day in high school was a sweet tribute to one of her teachers and a reminder to us all that even the smallest gestures can have long-lasting impact. With her permission I share it with you here:
One time in high school, I sat in an empty classroom bawling my eyes out during lunch to one of my teachers. I was experiencing some torturous friendship angst that felt like it was consuming my entire mind. That teacher patiently listened while I lamented (probably melodramatically), and she handed me at least half a box of tissues.
After I wiped away my tears, she told me something I have never forgotten. She said, "At least you are a pretty crier."
Now that might seem like a shallow statement. Who cares about how tears look while you're in pain. But, it gave me a slight positive in what felt like a sinkhole of negatives. I had always been ashamed of my tears and felt like they were a weakness, but she made me realize that there is beauty and strength in tears.
As I am reading the section of "The First Days of School"by Harry Wong that deals with how to create an inviting classroom, I'm reminded of her. To her, I say, "Thank you."
As you may have guessed by her reference to Harry Wong, Breanna is studying to become a teacher. How blessed we are to have someone with her insight join the teaching profession. I am sure she will become an inspiration for her students just as the teacher she wrote about was to her.

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