Friday Freebie: Have Some Storybot Fun with Your PreK and Kinder Kids!

I have to give Kudos to one of our new PreK teachers in the district for telling me about today's great free site. (The fact that the new PreK teacher happens to be my daughter has nothing to do with it!)

Today's Friday Freebie is a great site for early elementary teachers. Storybots ( makes learning fun for parents and kids. The entire suite of tools from Storybots includes 40 videos, 30 books, 104 activities sheets, and iOS 9 apps!

The coolest part on the site are the stories and videos that you can make yourself of your students a part of. Simply snap of picture of them and insert their faces into one of the characters. Storybots saves all your uploaded photos to make this process easy for you. The resulting videos and interactive books are tons of fun. (Storybots was created by the same creators of JibJab, the popular site that allows you to "elf yourself" at Christmas time.)

The apps are great also! They include a coin flipper, videos, a great music app, a "kids' radio" app, a share timer, and more! You download the apps from the iTunes store and then use your login credentials to get full access to them.

Now at first site, you won't see how to create a FREE account. For parents, the suite of services comes at a cost. But, for educators, it's FREE! You just need to apply for a free account using this form. Tell 'em Dr. Rios sent you in the referral question!

Have fun!


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