Friday Freebie: Capture Attention with Virtual Signs

In an effort to meet the needs of the teachers and staff in my district, I stay late every Wednesday with the computer training lab open. Teachers can come and go as they please and seek assistance with anything tech related. Some come to me with specific questions, others are just looking for guidance and ideas about creating technology-rich engaging lessons. These afternoons are affectionately called "Wired Wednesday."

To garner interest in attending, I try to send out a clever email each Wednesday morning. I have a bit of reputation in my district for silliness and corny jokes, so I try to use that to my advantage. Sometimes it's a silly picture like this:

Last week, I offered the staff the "World's Easiest Seek-and-Find":

But this week's ads was one of my favorites:

Now, my faculty thinks I  have tons of time of my hands to come up with something as sophisticated as the church sign above. (If you can call it sophisticated.) Normally, that kind of image manipulation could take hours in PhotoShop, but a simple Internet search for "virtual signs" led me to the site where I created that one.

It's a site called Church Sign Maker. And, it's incredibly easy to use. Select a sign, change the name of the church and type in your message. It does the rest and you simply right click on the image and select "Save Image As..."

That got me thinking... Teachers could use clever little signs like this to capture students' attention. Got a big test coming up? Make a sign. Need them to bring in permission forms? Make a sign! Want to remind about class expectations? Make a sign!

So, last night I continued searching for "virtual sign makers" and came up with the list below. This is not, by any means, a complete list. They're just my favorite four from my searching last night. I guarantee you'll like these, but be warned ...

Warning Sign Generator - an easy to use site to create warning signs like the one above

Street Sign Generator - choose from four different setting for your custom street sign

Fortune Cookie Maker - Confucius say this site will lead you to much happiness - the mother of all virtual sign sites!


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