Friday Freebie: Share Your Message Online Easily with Tackk!

Today's Friday Freebie is perhaps the easiest way in the world to create an online presence for an event, your school, an announcement and more! Think of it as the easiest one page website builder in the world!

At you create a "Tackkboard" by easily adding pictures, video, text, links , and more to either an existing template or you can create a tackkbaord from scratch. The different areas of your Tackkbaord can be moved into any order you want them and colors and fonts can be easily customized.

Once you're done, you simply distribute the given URL, or if you create a free account, you can get a customized URL.  You also have the option of printing out your Tackkboard. If you do, the printout includes a QR code to take viewers to the online version. It's that easy!

I can think of tons of uses in schools, from advertisements for events, to test reminders, to student projects. Here's a quick example I created for our district:



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